2022 Ƶ Staff Awards

2022 Ƶ Staff Awards

4 January 2023

Ƶ employees from all the regions got together on 25th November for a night of celebration. It was our second annual awards evening and was a great opportunity for us to celebrate our successes and reflect on what big year 2022 was for the organisation.

Award Winners

Individual Awards

The Initiative Award – For a person who shows great leadership and courage in their role.

  • Hamilton - Una Taufaao
  • Cardiff - Joyce Hyde
  • Maitland - Chernai Smith
  • Raymond Terrace - Stephen McBride

The Strong Leader Award – For a leader who values education and mentoring young people within the organisation.

  • Hamilton - Jim Stephen
  • Cardiff - Jess Hartwig
  • Maitland - Leimika Bevan
  • Raymond Terrace - Ashley Cornwell

The Spotlight Award - Someone who adapts well to change and new ways of doing things.

  • Hamilton - Paula Lawrence
  • Cardiff - Jordyn Baker
  • Maitland - Rochelle Toomey
  • Raymond Terrace - Amani Langdon

The Courage Award – Someone who is courageous in embracing new ideas and uses these to create opportunities for our people.

  • Hamilton - Gaylene Lawrence
  • Cardiff - Pete Saunders
  • Maitland - Debbie Massie
  • Raymond Terrace - Teelah Cooper

Team Player Award – Someone who is proud and passionate about what we do and always cares about their team and their people.

  • Hamilton - Darlene Reis
  • Cardiff - Jydon Nilsson
  • Maitland - Gabrielle Penna
  • Raymond Terrace - Nigel Beetson

The Welcome to Ƶ Award – Recognition of a new staff member (12 months or less) who embodies the vision and passion of Ƶ.

  • Hamilton - Gigi Lake
  • Cardiff - Jonathon Tighe
  • Maitland - Chloe Hayward
  • Raymond Terrace - Imani Welsh
  • Wickham - Jannali McGrady

Community Vote Award – Chosen by the public, the person who demonstrates commitment to supporting and improving the Ƶ community.

  • Dr Sarah Perkes

Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Debbie Massie

Team Awards

The Above and Beyond Award - Celebrating a team who has seen great success within their area based on their objectives

  • AHPs Newcastle
  • Shared Services

The Stronger Together Award - Celebrating the team who has shown outstanding output and developed strength and unity within their team and therefore their purpose.

  • Lake Macquarie Admin

The Making a Difference Award - Celebrating a team where every member live and breathe the culture and are the most passionate.

  • Early Learning Team